Umbraco-as-a-Service: changing the way we approach web solutions

At the heart (and the start) of Umbraco is “U”.
Umbraco powers over 400,000 websites in 169 countries worldwide. It records over 10,000 monthly installs and is backed by an active community following of over 180,000 craftspeople globally. It is the friendly Content Management System that will act as a vehicle for your creativity. In efforts to further free its users from the monotonous administrative tasks that come with the territory of web solutions, Umbraco has launched its biggest game changer yet, Umbraco-as-a-Service. UaaS takes the solid foundation of the Umbraco core and skyrockets it to a new level, changing the way we approach web solutions.


Founded in Denmark in 2002, Umbraco was created as a content management system that aimed to make it easier for people to build great digital experiences, only limited by their creativity and curiosity. Somewhat reflecting the culture of “simplicity in design” from its Danish roots, Umbraco was a reaction to some of the technical complexities and over-engineering that came with the boom in web-shops and CMS solutions in the early 2000s. Unlike other CMSs it hoped to return technology to its position as an “enabler” rather than a “prescriber”. With people at the centre of its inception, Umbraco began as and continues to be an open-source product – that is, free to download, accessible and editable source code and constantly improved with submissions by its users. The community forum, Our Umbraco, records [# of new posts per month] proving that users are truly invested in the success of the product.


Umbraco is not only strongly supported by this active (and hugely enthusiastic!) community, but by a rock-solid commercial organization. It provides professional support subscriptions, add-on products, video tutorial content to over 3,5000 subscribers, certification training in 8 countries worldwide, which as a result boasts over 200 certified webshop partners. The product can be used in its free, open-source format with the additional option of professional tools, support plans or the fully-managed UaaS subscription as required. If the raw Umbraco CMS is the enabler then think of UaaS as a virtual member of your team. It will change the way developers and webshops build web solutions. Two years in the making, UaaS was born from the Umbraco belief in, and commitment to, its talented craftspeople. Developers spend between 8-12% of their time on things that can be automated. That’s a lot of uninspiring, non-billable hours that UaaS picks up to free developers from the tasks of installing, upgrading and deploying. Welcome to the smarter and more productive way to build websites. It is the unique combination of UaaS’s primary features; an unshakeable, secure Azure infrastructure, automatic updates, smart deployments and efficient baselining capabilities with the existing strength and ingenuity of the Umbraco contributing community that sets it apart from other products.  Running the same version of Umbraco that users download, UaaS allows the dynamite-duo of freedom from administrative tasks with freedom to create, improve and enhance. Since launching in September the rate of sign-up suggests this freedom is highly sought-after. In the first two months over 1700 UaaS users are running almost 1000 projects, including global client Carlsberg Group who are blazing the trail with a multi-site content delivery platform powered by UaaS. Also Red Bull, NFL and COOP are some of the delighted users of Umbraco.

Kendt erhvervsmand i spidsen for fynsk robot

MIR får ny stærk bestyrelsesformand i Torben Frigaard Rasmussen.

Den fynske robotvirksomhed Mobile Industrial Robots oplever stor fremgang i sit andet år på markedet. Robotvognene ruller ud til kunderne og antallet af medarbejdere stiger konstant.

Nu har Odense-firmaet, som står bag en mobil robot, som blandt andet bruges på flere danske sygehuse, nu sikret sig en stor kapacitet som ny bestyrelsesformand.

Det er den internationale iværksætter Torben Frigaard Rasmussen, Odense, som er trådt ind som bestyrelsesformand.

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen har tidligere været involveret i firmaet som E-soft, Worldticket, Umbraco og E-conomics.

– Set i internationalt perspektiv har Danmark en unik position som frontløber inden for robotteknologi. MiR har åbnet for et helt nyt marked for mobile robotter med sit produkts brugervenlighed, fleksibilitet og sit lave prisniveau. Det ser meget lovende ud, også i kraft af det stærke team, der tegner virksomheden, siger den nye formand.

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Forever Entrepreneur

There’s an entrepreneur in every successful leader.

Leaders have that restlessness that makes them constantly looking for improvements, new options, new markets, and more growth. They’re eager for change, renewal, and development and have respect but lack an interest for basic operations, reports, long intern meetings and traditional operation assignments.
It is the entrepreneur with the sense for scaling and growth that will become a successful leader.
Sense for scaling is the key phrase, since many talented entrepreneurs don’t become leaders of a company with constant growth only because they haven’t mastered the scaling. Many entrepreneurs focus on being the ‘man of the house’ and being a part in every aspect of the business; knowing all the customers and employees and to be the center of attention.

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Disrupt yourself or die (Danish)

Inden for de næste ti år vil 40% af verdens største virksomheder lave en Kodak og afgå ved døden. De vil have tabt kampen om markedsandelene til en flok startups, der med kun ganske få år på bagen vil have skaleret til markedsdominans i et hidtil uhørt tempo. Det viser analyser, som forfatterne bag bestselleren ”Eksponentielle organisationer” har gennemført og indsamlet. Bogen, der pt. går sin sejrsgang verden over og udfordrer den måde som virksomheder organiserer sig på, udkommer på dansk den 10. juni.

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Happy to be a part of this high performance team. HgCapital once again among best performing companies in Europe

HgCapital’s portfolio shines at the megabuyte50 awards

Three leading UK software companies, all backed by HgCapital, were honoured.
The awards highlight the best UK-based privately-owned technology companies and are compiled by Megabuyte’s independent and highly-regarded research team.

Sequel Business Solutions, IRIS and Intelliflo were all ranked within the top 25. All three are application software businesses founded in the UK which have grown exponentially to become leading players in their respective sectors.

Click here to learn more about HgCapital’s focus on the software-as-a-service sector.

HgCapital works alongside founders and management teams to realise the full potential of promising European software companies. HgCapital has been investing in European technology for fifteen years and works as a partner of choice for the long-term support of entrepreneurial and growth-orientated technology leaders.