Kendt erhvervsmand i spidsen for fynsk robot

MIR får ny stærk bestyrelsesformand i Torben Frigaard Rasmussen.

Den fynske robotvirksomhed Mobile Industrial Robots oplever stor fremgang i sit andet år på markedet. Robotvognene ruller ud til kunderne og antallet af medarbejdere stiger konstant.

Nu har Odense-firmaet, som står bag en mobil robot, som blandt andet bruges på flere danske sygehuse, nu sikret sig en stor kapacitet som ny bestyrelsesformand.

Det er den internationale iværksætter Torben Frigaard Rasmussen, Odense, som er trådt ind som bestyrelsesformand.

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen har tidligere været involveret i firmaet som E-soft, Worldticket, Umbraco og E-conomics.

– Set i internationalt perspektiv har Danmark en unik position som frontløber inden for robotteknologi. MiR har åbnet for et helt nyt marked for mobile robotter med sit produkts brugervenlighed, fleksibilitet og sit lave prisniveau. Det ser meget lovende ud, også i kraft af det stærke team, der tegner virksomheden, siger den nye formand.

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Passing the torch

After more than 5 years at e-conomic, the time has come to pass the torch: I’m happy to share that Mogens Elsberg will take over as CEO in e-conomic by the end of this month, continuing the journey to take e-conomic to the next level.

It’s been a great ride and I’m truly honored and proud of the achievements we’ve accomplished at e-conomic during my time. We’ve gone from 40 employees, 15,000 customers and €4m revenue in 2008 to more than 200 employees, 75,000 e-conomic customers (plus many more on Debitoor) and expected revenue of more than €20m in 2014.

I’m also very proud of the great and unique spirit that we have maintained in the company and the way we have been able to live out our company values of dedication, respect, transparency, ambition and, not least, having fun!

The journey has just begun
Despite what we’ve already accomplished, the journey of e-conomic has just begun. I’m very confident that Mogens – with his great experience with global technology expansion and software business leadership – is the right person to take e-conomic to the next level and carry out our ambitious growth and expansion plans.

Here are Mogens’ words on e-conomic and the goals of the company:

e-conomic is a phenomenal technology success story for Denmark. I am really looking forward to continuing the growth across Europe and globally. We are passionate about helping small businesses become more successful and want many more of them to benefit from collaborating with the online products and services that e-conomic and our wide array of partners provide.

My own journey with e-conomic will also continue as I will still be a shareholder in the company and will support Mogens on specific business initiatives along the way.

I’m also very much looking forward to starting in my new role as Special Operating Director for HgCapital – the owners of e-conomic who I’ve worked closely with over the past year – with the task of finding new investment opportunities among Scandinavian SaaS companies.

Thanks for your support
Since this will be my final post on this blog, I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in e-conomic during the past 5 years – customers, partners, employees and everyone else – for your support and dedication and for taking the journey with me.

An amazing year at e-conomic

2013 is almost over, and I’d like to take the opportunity to look back on a truly amazing year at e-conomic – highlighted by our acquisition by HgCapital, great growth in all areas, and exciting new product initiatives.

New owners
The single biggest event of the year was without a doubt the acquisition of e-conomic by HgCapital. We have had a lot of potential suitors over the years, and it’s really great that we have now found new owners who understand and like what we do and want to fuel that further.

With the financial backing of HgCapital we have already made our first venture into new areas by acquiring the online file sharing service. And we’re currently mapping out new strategies and initiatives to help us use our funding to accelerate our future growth.

More customers and product initiatives
Speaking of growth, we reached a truly amazing 200,000 customers this year! That means that we have not only achieved our mission target of having 100,000 customers signed up to our products by 2013 – we have in fact doubled that figure.

With Debitoor, we have worked a great deal on design and feature improvements, which have paid off in terms of both many more customer signups and great customer satisfaction scores.

On the e-conomic accounting system, this was the year we started the great transition to the new and improved version of e-conomic. This is the most thorough reworking of e-conomic to date, with improved functionality, simplified and modern design and easier workflows in e-conomic – all intended to make life easier for our users.

Growing together
Another growth area this year has been in the number of people working at e-conomic. We are now more than 160 people, all pulling in the same direction. With the great expansion we’re going through, it’s great to see the team spirit and dedication throughout the company.