Relevant SaaS & Marketing reading

Below you will find relevant reading on running and marketing of your saas business.

Below you will find relevant reading on running and marketing of your saas business.


This white paper is written for entrepreneurs, angel investors, and the management teams of SaaS businesses.

Stakeholder Management

A Definitive Guide to Pain-free Stakeholder Management

Filling the void left by Kiva’s 2012 acquisition by Amazon

In March 2012, in an effort to make their distribution centers (DCs) as efficient as possible, Amazon acquired Kiva Systems for $775 million.

One of the Biggest Mistakes Enterprise Startups Make

The era of VCs investing in successful consumer Internet startups

Bessemer 5 Cs of SaaS Finance

Presentation of the Bessemer 5Cs of SaaS Finance: CMRR, Cash, Churn, CAC ratio and CLTV.

Forever Entrepreneur

Leaders have that restlessness that makes them constantly looking for improvements, new options, new markets, and more growth.

A year of significant activity and growth for HgCapital

2015 saw seven investments, six realisations and 10% revenue growth across the portfolio

John Seely Brown Commencement Speech

- Singapore Management University, 2013

Key Metric: Total addressable market (tam)

Criteria: A category leader in a market with substantial headroom for growth

The complete SaaS guide to calculating and optimizing MRR/ARR

Your monthly or annual recurring revenue (MRR and ARR for short) is one of the primary reason we're all in SaaS.

5 Inbound Marketing Myths Busted

Hype. It's a fickle thing. We get all excited and we've all been vehemently let down at some time or other.

The Impact of Churn on SaaS Valuations

Building on our groundbreaking work from 2012, the link below provides updated private company churn benchmarks

Inbound Marketing Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Inbound Marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people towards your company and product, where they naturally want to be.


Sales Development Team

What You Need to Know About Levering a SaaS Business

At SaaS Capital, we firmly believe the use of debt to finance a growing SaaS business is savvy and financially rewarding for the founders and early investors.

The Software Industry Financial Report

Yet investors were goggle-eyed about the prospects of a good number of public SaaS providers.

The SaaS Success Database

The SaaS Success Database

Forever Entrepreneur

There’s an entrepreneur in every successful leader.