Torben has many years of experience as an investor and Business Angel. He is strategic, analyzing, and a specialist in scaling and executing.

Torben has many years of experience within entrepreneurship. He has been on both sides of the table, and has an eye for finding start-ups with talent and potential to scale. When he has found the talent, he makes sure that the chemistry is right. This is pivotal for a good collaboration, where the goal is to get start-ups to listen to what he says and not just do as he says.

Torben works best when he has many things happening at once, mastering the skill of managing them all. This is clearly seen in the big engagement he lies into several companies. In addition to the great work he does at TPC Management, he is also a board member and/or investor in more than 25 other companies.

As a person, Torben is very aware of the people around him. It is important to him, that everybody feels good and thrives - that is a source of good energy and motivation. He is positive, a hard worker and seeks to always say yes - also in the gym where he deadlifts 200 kg, and he knows the names of the majority of NFL players.

Torben is a busy man, but on Friday nights he makes time to take in the exciting and busy week. This is done with a good glass of wine at the roof terrace at Tanken 16 or in the company of good friends. 


"Learning comes from mistakes. If we make no mistakes, we are not doing enough. But do not repeat mistakes."        

"Marketing is common sense. Problem is that common sense, is not common in marketing."

"Use consensus, but remember consensus is not to pick what is best, but what is better."

"It is better to do the right thing wrong, than to do the wrong thing right."

"It is better to do something, than nothing."

"Lead not manage, foresight not forecast."

"Plans fail because of lack of ownership"

"Does it make sense and does it scale?"

"Involve those who will be executing"

"There are always more options."

"Insist on more data."

"Say it so it sticks"

"Just do it!"