Board Level

We serve on a number of boards. Most often as Chairman and as shareholder.


We have been involved in more than 20 M&A transactions the past years around Europe and the USA.

Strategy plans

We like to give you our view on your strategy plans, processes and execution.


We have a wide network for finance. Venture, Capital Funds. Seed Capita, Business Angels and Banks.


Converzion partners

TPC Management has a close relations with Converzion a global consulting company.

As a growth oriented company, we have experience in founding, growing, and managing a variety of companies spanning from online networking communities to physical production companies.

We work strategically with our clients to develop a plan, and then take operational responsibility in executing the plans set forth. We work with business development, start up, and turnarounds in most industries and employ a no-nonsense 10/90 approach to our service – 10% research and 90% ‘doing’.

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