Torben Frigaard Ramussen


Investments in national and international companies


Business man and investor – those are the two words that Torben are most often associated with – and with good reason. Among other things, he has helped create great success with companies such as E-conomic, Esoft, Retail Internet. He also took part in selling the robot success Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) for 1.7 billion Danish kroner.

It is true that the majority of Torben’s track record contains companies that operate within the technological field, such as cutting-edge technology, accounting programs and robots. “My primary focus is B2B IT software and online driven business models. That is what I have experience with as a CEO and business man, so I have tried a lot of things. I want to be an active investor who contributes with my experience.”

But technology is not Torbens only interest. To Torben it is important to contribute to the development and growth of the city he lives in – Odense. He has invested in a good amount of buildings to help the continued development of the city.


In 2020 Torben made his debut investment in green energy. The plan is made locally but thought globally, as Frigaard together with other local investors has made a million investment in the local company Emazys, that will use knowledge and capital to realize the global expansion plan. “We have invested in the company because we can see they have great global potential in an area that is growing by up to 20 percent a year – that is very unique.”


Read the interview with Torben, where he is amongst other things is asked what it was like to enter E-conomic 14 days before the financial crisis, how he utilizes his digital and business skills, how far he goes with start-ups and whether he has a special thought of giving back to Funen. Read the full interview here.