Success investor in new acquisition: Torben Frigaard invests in new startup

Earlier this year 51-year-old Torben Frigaard Rasmussen was honored as the Danish Business Angel of the year by the Danish network of private investors. 

Now he’s back with another investment, this time in the fintech company Kontolink started by two of his former colleagues and employees of the accounting giant E-conomic. 

Kontolink automates a variety of accounting processes for small businesses through artificial intelligence. This is done by linking their bank data directly with an accounting program. 

With help from a cloud-based system, the company lets companies keep track of vouchers and payments. Even though the company is just one year old and consists of only 5 employees, the successful investor Torben Frigaard Rasmussen sees great potential and opportunities in his latest investment. 

Hear Torben tell more about the investment i the video below: